We're asking participants to contribute $15 toward the cost of the meetup, which will cover lunch on Saturday, as well as costs for web hosting and other materials.

We'll collect this on the day of the meetup.



Tacoma News-Tribune

1950 S State St

Tacoma, Washington

What to bring

Bring a laptop and charger, as well as any datasets you'd like to work with or problems you'd like help with. We'll send out specific instructions closer to the event with links for programs to install for each workshop so you can be prepared.

Most of our Excel workshops will be geared towards PCs. We may do some work in Microsoft Access during unconference or open sessions, which is only available on PCs.


Other stuff

This is our first event, and we want it to be as useful and accessible as possible. If you need an accomodation, have a question not answered here or a suggestion for improvement, please reach out and let us know!